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COVID-19: Protect your clients from market volatility.

As always, supporting you is our priority

As your partner, our top priority remains helping you and your clients get through this unprecedented situation by doing what’s best for you by keeping you informed on market trends. The current situation with Covid-19 is evolving quickly and we understand that it may cause concerns.

Rest assured that as a stable financial institution with a strong foundation, Desjardins has everything in place to accompany you in giving peace of mind to your clients throughout this period.

Reassure your clients by telling them about capital protection

Now more than ever, we need to remain calm and stay focused. Remind your clients that they have an investment strategy based on long-term goals. The current situation may be an opportunity to offer our broad selection of  secure investment solutions that protect the assets of clients with lower risk tolerance.

  • Principal Protected Notes

    Innovative products adapted to different market views – standard and customizable solutions available.

    • 100% principal protection at maturity
    • Downside protection with upside participation in the markets
    • Cutting-edge solutions that complement your clients’ portfolios
    Learn more – Principal Protected Notes
  • Controlled Volatility ETFs

    Multifactor approach designed to mitigate losses during market downturns.

    • Aim for a volatility that is 25% lower than the benchmark
    • Designed to offer your clients a better risk-return ratio
    • Multifactor approach aims to provide additional layer of diversification
    Learn more – Controlled Volatility ETFs
  • Lower volatility Mutual Funds

    Investments aiming to stabilise portfolio returns through lower risk objectives and income-generating strategies.

Desjardins Insurance Guaranteed Investment Products

Desjardins InsuranceFootnote 1 offers a full range of investment products with high levels of protection from market volatility. Learn more about:

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  1. Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company, a provider of life and health insurance and retirement savings products.